lördag 20 mars 2010

Tum bahut pyare ho

There. Some photos. It's in the middle of the night and my brain is confused enough to mix up languages. Therefore my native language isn't good enough. When I speak (or write) English I stick to English. But I'm comfortable enough with Swedish to mix it up with other languages, therefore, especially in the middle of the night, I always speak un poco de Español and ein bisschen Deutch and, since I just watched a wonderfully epic Indian movie, some Hindi.
And since most people won't understand what I say if I mix all of these languages plus a fair amount of suburban Swedish gangsta slang I'll go for English instead. Because I will stick to English.
Now, the photos; I've just been playing around with my crappy camera again. Some close-ups. Not very interesting. But I haven't been blogging properly lately, so I have to post something.

Pencil-sharpener shaped like a globe. Pretty much every place I wanna go to is visible from that angle. Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ukraine, France, Indonesia, South Africa and of course India. I only miss Australia.
I've swum in every ocean except for the Indian Ocean, and the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans of course. Soo... I've only swum in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Still.
(also: Mediterranian, Baltic, Caribbean!)

Green tea tastes like grass. But it works with sushi, and I like the leaves.

Selma with a moustache and fake lashes. Hawt!
I think I used that note to pay for my Earl Grey tea and cinnamon bun today. Lost forever! *melodrama*

Ten out of my twenty-two Muhammeds. Spider-Man Muhammed kicks ass.

Hindi, bitchez! (kutti!)
FYI, the words written in the picture mean stuff like "The boy has got water". I could totally get by with that phrase. (Luckily I also know how to say "get lost!" and "your mom")

Why not learn some numbers while I'm at it, you know.
Ek, do, teen... uh yeah, I can't remember the rest.

Also: did you notice how awesome the first picture was? The globe is placed on my copy of Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and in the background George Harrison and John Lennon are peeking at you.

And for the record I just watched Devdas. Good movie, but as always the sound was a bit off. (how hard can it be not to make the voices of the actors echo from all directions?)
When I watch Hindi movies I always get all inspired so right now I'm wearing a thin silk skirt with paisley patterns and elephants and flowers and whatnot on it. (unfortunately it's also got some Nazi-looking stuff on it, and I know the symbol itself is way older than Nazism, but you know, it looks weird.) Since I'm also wearing a crapload of bangles and an anklet, I jingle like a damn Indian prostitute whenever I move. (Watch the movie and you'll know exactly what I mean.)

2:05 am.
I'm off.

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  1. let's se världen!!!
    jag vill även åka till australien, nya zeeland och
    eller såhär, jag vill se hela världen. vi kör på den ist.

  2. Livia, vi ser hela världen, alright?